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      Barreled Water Filling Machine Solution

      Barreled Water Filling Machine Introduction:
      1. Automatic capping machine
      The bottled water production line is composed of four parts: a rack, a capping device, a capping device, and a conveyor chain. The rotary part is equipped with an inlet flange set, and the adjustment is very simple. During the capping process, the barrel is not pressed, and the bottom of the bottle and the chain plate wear little. PLC control, can be controlled individually or on-line production. The number of pull caps is based on the yield.
      2. Automatic brush machine
      Automatic brushing machine for bottled water production line is used to clean the bottleneck, bottle body, bottom of the bottle and other parts. The bottle finishes its own rotation in the machine and realizes all-round scrubbing of circulating water pump and water tank. It can be bottled and bottled continuously. It can be implemented online. Streaming operations. The external brush machine can be customized according to the output of the linear external brush and rotary external brush machine.
      3. Automatic loading device
      The automatic cylinder is cylinder-turned. The bottle-pulling cylinder advances the bucket to the upper flap, and then flips the cylinder to turn the bucket vertically from the horizontal direction. The cylinder of the push bottle then accurately feeds the bucket into the bucket of the washing machine. The alignment of the upper bucket is accurate, thereby reducing the bottle. The wear of the cup.

      Barreled Water Filling Machine
      4. Filling machine
      Filling: When the detection switch of the bottled water filling machine detects a bucket, the flapping cylinder moves upwards, at the same time, the pneumatic valve is injected, the filling cylinder moves downward, and the filling valve is opened to begin filling. PLC controls filling data.
      Sealing: The use of a chain-type gland ensures the tightness of the cover.
      5. Bottle cap disinfection cabinet
      Stainless steel chassis, the active shelf or basket in the box. There is a sealing strip on the side of the disinfection cabinet to ensure complete sterilization.

      Barreled Water Filling Machine
      6. Automatic capping machine
      Using the traditional operating interface, simple and safe. Used with the capping machine, no cap is automatically capped, and cap is automatically stopped. Automate control.
      7. Light inspection box
      The light inspection box of the bottled water filling machine is composed of a 304 stainless steel housing and an LED lamp, which mainly checks the product water for impurities. Ultra-thin, high-brightness, so that more convenient detection.
      8. Automatic labeling machine
      With cutter holder design, the cutter holder is completely free to replace and free-adjustable. It uses a light touch of the human machine, which automatically searches for the origin position and is safe and convenient, leading the same products.
      9. Heat shrink film machine
      Using the principle of steam, bottled water is sealed and packaged. This machine is suitable for drinking water production enterprises, used for three gallon five-gallon plastic barrel, with low power consumption, heat balance, full seal cracking, easy maintenance, low failure rate is the essential products for drinking water companies.
      10. Automatic bagging machine
      High packaging efficiency, mechanized operation, reduced labor costs; workers can save two to four people, saving about 100,000 yuan in labor costs each year, but also greatly reduce bag costs. After shrinking and sealing, the barrel bag fits the outer edge of the bucket, which is beautiful and compact.
      11. Laser Marking Machine
      The bottled water filling production line adopts imported RF lasers, imported high-speed servo motor scanning galvanometers and field mirrors, providing reliable guarantee for continuous high-speed and stable operation of the equipment for a long time. Through computer-controlled galvanometer mirror to change the laser beam field lens focusing energy to achieve automatic marking. Marker software runs on the WINDOWS platform, Chinese/English interface.

      Inkjet Printer
      12. Delivery
      The bottled water equipment adopts 304 stainless steel frame, and the transmission chain plate is designed for high wear-resisting plastic chain plate or stainless steel conveyor chain, and can be customized for turning delivery and loading. Fine, beautiful appearance, reasonable connection between chain and chain, smooth bottle running. The drive motor reducer is produced in the original Taiwan. The conveyor chain runs smoothly and is easy to install and maintain for a long service life.
      13. Stacking machine
      The palletizing machine of the bottled water production line automatically enters the barrel, automatically grasps the barrel palletizing, manually takes and removes the layer separator, and artificially removes the fault. During production, a tray is manually placed on the stacking position, and the bottled water is transported by the conveyor belt to the palletizing machine after being bagged. The pallets are arranged in rows by the pneumatically controlled processing bins. The grabbing mechanism picks up the bottled water. On the pallet, after the floor is completed, a layer of partition is automatically placed on the bottled water, and the second layer of palletizing operations is repeated.

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