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      Cans Filling Machine Solution

      This series of cans filling production line is the canning and filling equipment designed and manufactured after the introduction of advanced foreign filling and sealing technology by our company. It is mainly used for flushing, filling and capping of three-piece cans made from tinplate. It has the advantages of stable equipment performance, advanced structure, stable operation, safe operation, convenient maintenance, high production efficiency and compliance with food hygiene standards.

      Cans Filling Machine
      1. Tank Washer: Cans filling machine is mainly used for continuous cleaning of three-piece cans and can also be applied to other types of tin cans with similar size and shape. It has good cleaning effect, reasonable structure, work balance, high production efficiency, etc. Ideal product for beverage production line.
      2. Negative pressure filling machine:
      Can filling machine uses gravity filling principle.
      Filling valve uses high-precision mechanical valve, filling speed, liquid level accuracy.
      With perfect CIP cleaning function.
      The combination of the filling valve guide and the bottom lifting device guarantees the accurate sealing of the bottle mouth and the filling valve and reduces the leakage of material from the tank mouth.
      Can filling machine can accurately fill beer, cocktail, juice, mineral water, pure water and other beverages. Replacement parts can also be used to fill vinegar, milk, pesticides and other liquids, with no broken bottles, no leakage, easy operation and maintenance, etc. Features.

      Cans Filling Machine
      3 cans sealing machine:
      The lid section seals the lid to the can which has been filled with the product and is sent to the subsequent process by the conveyor chain.
      The sealing roller is quenched with a high hardness alloy, and the sealing curve is precisely processed by optical curve grinding to ensure the sealing quality and ensure the normal operation of the machine.
      This machine is equipped with a can bottom cover, no tank can not cover control system to ensure the normal operation of the machine, reduce the cover loss rate.
      Manually place the aluminum cover in the chute and lower the cover by gravity and thruster. When the chute is equipped with a detection switch to ensure that the cover is missing, it can stop.
      According to different heights of the can type, the capping machine can be manually lifted to meet the requirements.

      Cans Filling Machine
      4. The delivery system includes:
      Conveyor table, intermediate frame, stainless steel chain plate. The conveyor chain of the can filling equipment is exquisite, the connection between the chain and the chain is reasonable, and the bottle is smooth. Both the conveyor chain plate and the chain side plate are made of high-quality stainless steel, and the fence brackets are made of beautifully molded pieces. The conveyor chain runs smoothly, is easy to install and maintain, and has a long service life.

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