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      filling machine
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      Zhangjiagang city wanjin machinery company limited(formerly zhangjiagang city sanxing complete beverage machinery company)is one of comprehensive beverage packing machinery manufacture which assembles researching, developing and making.Zhangjiagang city wanjin machinery company limited achieved the honor of jiangsu high tech enterprise, honest enterprise strictly following the contract.The product has passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification, European CE certification and obtained many a number of invention patents and utility new model patents.Wanjin? has been adhering to the “customer demand and satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit and creation of” business philosophy since its establishment in 2000.After 18 years improving development, company formed its unique competing market advantage with good product quality and market service. Company has import and export right.Products sells well at home and abroad and getting good praise from the vast number of users which has laid firm position in this field.

      wanjin machine

      The leading products are beer, yellow rice or millet wine, wine, liquor filling production line (packaged by pet bottle,can, glass bottle, plastic barrels and plastic cans and so on); tea, juice drinks, milk drinks hot filling, clean filling, aseptic cold filling production line; carbonated drinks filling line;pure water and mineral water bottled or barrel bottle filling production line. At the same time, we provide water treatment system, pre-treatment system, UHT sterilization system, blow bottle system, trademark system, packaging system,and alcohol beverage drink supporting machinery, as well as full set of technical programs and turnkey projects and other technical services.

      Wanjin company own experienced and well-trained technical team who can solve problems timely holding the concept of making profits for customers.We are aimed to provide customers with rapid, comprehensive, direct and professional technical support services. The complete technology service system can provide customers with full support service, such as pre-sale technology consultation, technical guidance in sales, after-sale technical maintenance, technical training and so on.Our? service team can achieve 24 hours quick response. Our service purpose : company serve for customer at the site making service around.Constantly understand customer’s needs, continue to track customer’s development, learn from customers, and improve the satisfaction of products through service.Quickly meet the customer’s demands and provide? satisfied service through improvement and innovation,and create company’s value through improving customer’s value.

      We respect knowledge, respect talents, encourage competition, attach importance to cooperation, set up a platform for stuffs to show their talents, and create huge opportunities and space for their development. We hope to use top products, high quality and efficient service to create brilliant future with our customers!

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