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      Whole Factory Design Plan

      As a beverage equipment supplier, in addition to quality, performance, and price, we are more focused on “delivery.”
      Wanjin is committed to becoming a strategic partner of beverage manufacturers, through professional equipment solutions, to help you create a leading technology, high performance and the most efficient packaging equipment production line.
      Scope of application
      Our packaging solutions cover three common types of beverage packaging: PET bottles, glass bottles, and cans, and all have complete production line support capabilities.
      Whether your product is bottled water, carbonated beverages, tea/juice, milk containing beverage or rice wine, we can help you achieve perfect packaging.

      Product plan
      Good products need to be well packaged. No matter what type of beverage you produce, we have no comparable packaging expertise and experience, which will significantly increase your professional technical knowledge and packaging capabilities.

      2. Process route and equipment selection
      Wanjin Machinery is a professional beverage filling equipment supplier. The products are all provided with production licenses, quality guaranteed, and the price is uniquely advantageous. After delivery, delivery time is very timely. It is ideal for beverage filling equipment. The supplier’s choice.

      3. Engineering design and installation
      The whole plant engineering design concept, through a large number of users accumulated engineering experience; excellent design engineer team, professional and efficient and time-tested engineering installation team.

      4. Training and Services
      Wanjin Machinery has high-quality equipment resources, first-class training facilities, and experienced trainers for many years. Through professional training, help your equipment personnel upgrade their skills and ensure that they operate and maintain the equipment correctly. Adequate spare parts supply, quick response after-sales service.

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