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      Wine Filling Machine Solution

      The series wine filling machine integrates rinsing, filling and sealing, and is applicable to the filling and production of glass bottles and aluminum covered wine products. The main work flow is to put bottles on the bottle. After the bottle enters the rinsing station, the rinsing bottle clamps the bottle, the bottle is rotated 180 degrees, and the bottle is washed with water. The glass bottle is washed and drained during the rinsing process. After the completion of the filling station, in response to the characteristics of the wine easy to froth, using negative pressure filling method. Make sure the filling level is accurate. The aluminum cover adopts automatic capping machine to reduce labor and ensure the output. The aluminum cap of the wine filling machine is made of hardened standard stainless steel and uses four-wheel balancing. The automatic wine filling production line adopts on-off valve control, which can effectively control the spray bottle phenomenon. The filling valve adopts advanced filling valve. The host adopts computer automatic control technology. The key electrical components are products of internationally renowned merchants.

      Wine Filling Machine
      Wine filling machine main features:
      1. The wine filling machine adopts a high-precision, high-speed quantitative filling valve, and the fluid level is accurate without fluid loss, ensuring excellent filling quality;
      2. The use of efficient lid system, a perfect feeding cover and protection device;
      3. The machine has compact structure, perfect control system, convenient operation and high degree of automation;
      4. The capping head of the wine filling production line adopts a constant torque device, which guarantees the quality of the cap and does not damage the cap;
      5. The parts in contact with the materials are made of high-quality stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, easy to clean;
      6. It has a complete cleaning management system to ensure the flushing quality before filling;

      Wine Filling Machine
      7. The wine filling machine changes the shape of the bottle and it can be realized simply by replacing the star wheel and the curved plate. The operation is simple and convenient;
      8. With perfect overload protection device, can effectively protect the safety of the machine and operator;
      9. The machine adopts variable frequency speed control motor, which can conveniently adjust the production capacity.
      10. The main electrical components, frequency converters, photoelectric switches, proximity switches, and electronic control valves of the wine filling production line adopt imported components to ensure the excellent performance of the whole machine;
      11. The control system has the functions of water level automatic control, missing cover detection alarm, flush bottle stop alarm and class output counting.

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